Where Caring is a way of Life


Quality Lifestyle Support (QLS) understands that supporting a family member who has the impact of a disability can be both rewarding and also, at times, challenging. We also understand that just as family members may need a break to recharge their batteries, the supported person may also need a break.

As such, QLS offers a variety of respite services for families and people with disabilities. This respite is flexible to meet the needs of both the family and the individual with a disability. This can include support for short lengths of time such as a couple of hours or a weekend, to extended periods of time such as for several weeks. QLS has the resources to provide respite either in the home of the individual, or provided accommodation, depending on the wishes of the family and supported person.

QLS will work with the family and individual to ensure that the respite is the least intrusive as possible for both the family and the individual, as we know that this can be a difficult decision to make.

Should your family be considering full time support, respite is a great way to assist in determining if your family and the individual is ready for this decision. It allows for you to fully understand the benefits and also any implications it may have, be they emotional or physical for you, your family and the individual being supported. Respite can also be utilised as a transition phase into a more permanent support arrangement. QLS offers a variety of respite packages including:

Carer Respite
This form of support is for the carer of a person with a disability to have a well-deserved break from the sometimes challenging experience of caring full-time for a love one. A carer is able to make application to QLS who will assist in sourcing funds on their behalf. Alternatively, referrals for this form of respite may come from other agencies or organisations. The level of respite can vary from a couple of hours in duration to numerous weeks. Carer Respite is generally well planned in advance with dates predetermined so as to give maximum benefit to the carer.
Emergency Respite
This form of respite generally occurs when there has been an emergency in the family unit such as illness of a carer or if there has been a breakdown in support arrangements. In these circumstances, accommodation is a critical factor and QLS generally has on-site support options and trained staff ready to respond immediately to meet the needs of the client. This program also offers emergency support to funding bodies such as the Department of Communities, Disability & Community Care Services for Timed Limited Response (TLR) situations and to the Department of Communities, Child Safety for short term emergency support to children with disabilities.
Vacational Respite
As with the Carer Respite, this is normally well planned in advance and is a usually a self-funded program. Clients and stakeholders are involved in determining the type and destination of their vacation. Support is provided on a needs basis to assist the individual with their vacation needs. This form of respite can be one-on-one or within a group depending on the individuals and is tailored to meet individual and group needs. QLS actively sources suitable vacation destinations and activities for clients. Activities are diverse and geared towards active fun and experience in differing environments away from the client’s normal lifestyles. The respite can also have some degree of educational benefit. Vacational respite is normally between 2 and 7 days with accommodation and transport provided by the service as part of the package.