Where Caring is a way of Life

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At Quality Lifestyle Support we value each individual’s needs and so have implemented a list of services that will provide support, with a greater quality lifestyle. Our Services include:


Quality Lifestyle Support (QLS) understands that supporting a family member who has the impact of a disability can be both rewarding and also, at times, challenging. We also understand that just as family members may need a break to recharge their batteries, the supported person may also need a break.

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Professional Services

Quality Lifestyle Support has further programs that can assist stakeholders and families, including:

  • Medico Legal reporting and assessment
  • Support to Gain Financial Support for Services
  • Professional Service Planning, Training

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Community Access

Quality Lifestyle Support recognises that supported individuals, like everybody else, benefit from being part of the community. This interaction can be at various levels, from shopping and attending doctor’s appointments through to attending classes and participating in sporting events. As an organisation, we strive to assist with community access to the amount that the supported individual is comfortable with.

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In Home Support

Quality Lifestyle Support understands that living in your own home is the preferred choice for the majority of supported individuals and families, and this is always welcomed and encouraged by our organisation. We understand that the individual and their family are the experts in their own situations and, as such, we will work in a way that suits your needs.

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Service Funding

QLS receives funding to provide services from a variety of bodies. These include State and Federal Government programs, Insurers, other service providers and self funded individuals. Eligibility for services is dependent upon access criteria and resources. Please fell free to enquire regarding eligibility criteria.


Government Funding



Caring is our way of Life

Continual Improvement

QLS through the Disability Service Standards and requirements of accreditation is dedicated to work towards the continual improvement of service delivery.

Staff at QLS undertake ongoing training and receive professional support to reflect a best practice approach. Thus encouraging the highest standard of work ethic and practice of QLS employees.

QLS respects the mutual responsibility and input of families and stakeholders and give a commitment to foster and promote the wishes of clients, families and stakeholders within the legislative service framework.

Program development and construction involves pro active participation. Therefore QLS encourages clients, families and stakeholders to actively involve themselves in the process, thereby responsibly constructing outcomes.