Where Caring is a way of Life

Professional Services

Quality Lifestyle Support has further programs that can assist stakeholders and families, including:


reporting and assessment

Mr John Hart, QLS Director, has for over a decade now been engaged by Legal Firms, Insurance Companies, Government, and organisations to provide assessments of individuals in need of support, demonstrating the practical models of support available and the commercial cost of such support models. This work requires the preparation of reports that have been used in Supreme Court submissions and, at times, require Mr Hart to personally give evidence.

These reports, are also drawn upon to create relevant supports for individuals, some of which become part of the QLS community.


financial support for services

Paid support is expensive and at times difficult to access. QLS management is dedicated to assisting either referred individuals, or self presenting individuals, to wade through the complex nature of application and assessment. QLS will also endeavour to connect an individual with the most appropriate service outlet to meet their needs when identified. Government and private NGO support sectors change on a regular basis and, for a person seeking assistance they may not know where to start. QLS is here to assist in lessening that burden. QLS can not guarantee success in an application, but what it does offer is support along the way.


service planning

QLS has taken service planning from a legislative requirement for compliance, to a visioning process in which to build upon peoples dreams and aspirations.

QLS management staff have undertaken specific intensive training to meet the ever growing demands for functional, workable and engaged planning processes to be implemented. Ongoing education in the process has come from one of the eminent educators to the sector, DR Michael Kendrick who routinely engages with QLS to train, motivate and support.  This process also includes the physical and practical application of the plan within the support environment given the resources that are at hand and those that may necessarily be sort. However, the dreaming of better, and the striving for best is never dismissed.

QLS has created a designated position to work with and engage with clients, their families and stakeholders to develop optimum service plans for people. This is an expensive process with some 180 hours of work required on average, for a single plan.  However, QLS Directorship sees this as the way forward for many in support situations to have the possibilities for their  futures recognised.



As a sector leader in many areas, QLS is continually advancing its education base to accommodate an ever changing world with differing expectations of people. Keeping abreast of sector developments and modifying education information has a fundamental place within the general activities of QLS. The dedicated Management/Administration team along with external consultants such as the Community Resource Unit (CRU), Queensland Centre for Intellectual & Developmental Disability (QCIDD), Kendrick Consultancy, and the Queensland Centre for Excellence, places QLS in a very sound position to have the most up-to-date training packages available for access or delivery. A number of qualified people within QLS can present training packages on many sector subjects, including “Introduction to Behavioral Support”,  Workplace Health & Safety, Introduction to SRV (Social Role Valorisation), teamwork, stress management, time management and many more.